Appointed to the Maryland State Bar Association Judicial Appointments Committee


Press Release for Scott MacMullan Law – Judicial Appointments Committee

Press Release for Scott MacMullan Law, LLC



September 21, 2013

Scott W. MacMullan appointed to the Maryland State Bar Association Judicial Appointments Committee.

This Committee, made up of local and at-large members, receives and reviews a copy of each judicial application for every judicial vacancy statewide, and contacts references; assigns the application to a Committee member for the preparation of a summary and presentation to the Committee; then conducts an in-person interview of each applicant; and votes on the applicant’s qualifications. It then submits the Committee’s confidential findings to the Judicial Nominating Commission (JNC) and the Governor for consideration (some JNCs request and receive an oral presentation from the Committee Chairs prior to their interviews of the applicants). The Committee provides each JNC with its peer evaluation of each applicant’s qualifications, which stands as the MSBA’s formal position with regard to that applicant for a period of 18 months.

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Scott MacMullan Law, LLC provides general legal services in the State of Maryland the District of Columbia. The firm provides counsel and advocacy in a wide range of civil, criminal and family law matters. The firm’s motto is “Local Knowledge You Can Trust.”

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Founded in 1896, the Maryland State Bar Association celebrated its Centennial over the course of 1996, following the theme “Striving for Justice.” In addition to special events, a 300 page Centennial Book and other promotions, a public service project was an integral part of MSBA’s Centennial.


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