Defending a Domestic Violence Protective Order in Annapolis

Many safety concerns exist between the alleged criminal and a victim of domestic violence.

  • The perpetrator of the domestic violence has an extensive access to the victim. They may both live together, or have a consistent contact with each other for doing parental rights. If they are not living together, the criminal somehow knows the daily routine of the victim or has ready means to go about her whereabouts.
  • Domestic violence perpetrators operate on a pattern of social, physical, psychological and/or economic control over their intimate partners. Many of such abusers who sees loose of control over their partners resort to physical violence to regain it. Appropriately, a courts mediation in such abusive behaviour may elevate the risk of violence for everyone concerned with the case.
  • Domestic violence usually happens at home, where the witnesses are in control by the abuser. Such happenings is a predicament evidence process, as well as the victim to participate in it. This may also cause the victim to appear “crazy” to outsiders who in that case does not know how to discern the “craziness” as a normal reaction to the abuse.

In Maryland, prosecutors do not take domestic violence charges lightly and neither should you. Domestic violence laws pose unique challenges to defendants. It is possible to be arrested, charged and convicted in a domestic abuse case where the other party was equally at fault in the argument or there was an innocent explanation. Furthermore, prosecutors are the ones who press charges, not the alleged victims. This means that you can be convicted of domestic abuse even if the alleged victim says you never committed it.

At Scott MacMullan Law  we are committed to protecting your rights in these sensitive legal matters. In Maryland, victims of domestic violence can get protection any time of day, seven days a week. During business hours, you may obtain an ex parte temporary protective order from the district court or circuit court. This order is valid for seven days.

On weekends or holidays, you may be granted an interim protective order which is valid for two days. Before that order expires, you may have a hearing to be granted a temporary protective order.

When a temporary protective order is granted, you will have a hearing within one week, in which a judge will decide if a final protective order will be granted. Protective orders make it illegal for the alleged abuser to have contact with you, and may affect child custody, visitation and support matters.

Scott MacMullan represent clients on both sides of this issue. We are committed to helping victims of domestic violence, as well as those who are facing accusations of domestic abuse.

Charged with assault in Annapolis?

Dealing  with criminal charges is a frightening and serious situation. When it is a violent crime such as assault & battery, the future can look very depressing. If you have been charged with this crime, it is critical that you contact an Annapolis criminal defense attorney directly. These cases can be complicated, as there may be altering stories associated to the case.

Anyone can be wrongfully accused of this crime. In fact, there are without a doubt individuals in prison/jail today who were wrongfully convicted of these very grave charges. Searching for an lawyer for an assault case in Annapolis? With the aid of a criminal defense lawyer Scott McMullan, Attorney at Law, the evidence against you can be reviewed and evaluated, and the strategy for your defense quickly determined.

Assault Defense Lawyer in Annapolis, MD

Assault and battery are actually two unlike crimes, and a person may be charged with either or both, depending on the case. In some cases, an individual was aggressively attacked in an dispute and after defending themselves, got detained and charged for the crime. Also in Maryland you can only be charged with Assault even if it is a battery. Everything is under the assault statute of that makes sense. So you can’t be charged with a battery. A battery would be charged as an assault.

In self-defense cases it may be necessary to find other witnesses to the event. Time is very important in such a charge, as witnesses often become harder to find as time goes on. When there are two conflicting stories in any assault & battery case, the skill of your defense attorney becomes of the foremost concern.

Looking for an attorney for an assault case in Annapolis?

The Annapolis criminal defense lawyer at McMullan Law, Attorney at Law has a long history of successfully defending criminal cases, and is prepared to make your case a priority. With the help of this outstanding law firm, the likelihood of a better outcome in the case can be increased. Every aspect of the case will be carefully reviewed and evaluated, as there is no perfect prosecution case. Attorney McMullan knows this. With this background, Attorney McMullan knows what to look for in the case against you, and how to come up with a compelling defense on your behalf.

Quoted in the Annapolis Capital Today: Police Defend Photo Practice Amid Complaints of Profiling

Here is the entire article.

My quote:

If the police department is not photographing suspects based on a pattern of racial bias, the practice is likely legal, said Scott MacMullan, a criminal defense attorney based in Annapolis.

Police have to allow suspects the right to walk away or shield themselves from a photograph, said MacMullan, who was not at the meeting. But police can photograph a suspect in a public area, he said.

Annapolis Police Chief

Annapolis Police Chief

I’m so Honored and Excited to Be Writing this Article on Legal Humblebragging

All lawyers are guilty of “Humblebragging.” Young lawyers maybe even more so are guilty. What is humblebragging? Humblebragging has been defined as “bragging in the guise of humility, putting a thin veneer of humble over a clear expression of proud.” A lot of times the humblebrag is over social media but sometimes the humblebrag is executed to your face. This usually leads to sudden urges to slap someone.

Check out some of these examples of the legal humblebrag:

“I wasn’t able to get into the University of God’s Father’s Law School so I will have to just settle and go to the University of God’s Law School. I am still grateful for this opportunity!”

“I only got my client a million dollar settlement. I guess my kids will just be going to the local private school instead of boarding school. So happy for my client.”

“I’m so honored to be named a leading lawyer! My firm only had to make a $5,000 donation to the publication which named me a leading lawyer this year!”

“I’m so honored to be named a super duper attorney! I filled out a form and got my friends to say I am a super duper attorney! This is awkward because there are people who have been practicing law for 30 years and are not super duper attorneys! #feelingblessed.”

“It is such a pain in the ass to be invited to this prestigious conference for the 5th year in a row. Boooring!”

“I am so busy with clients. My phone keeps ringing. I don’t even believe I can write this sentence to you!”

“I don’t know how I am going to manage my crazy life. I just got invited to give a presentation to the entire state on my area of law. It is such a pain being this authoritative and sought after.”

“I’m humbled to be named a leader in my community. Every year right before this admirable and respected award is given out, I brave the elements outside of my firm for a quick photo opportunity and take a picture of myself giving homeless people food. It’s cold out there but I gave up one billable hour to those in need. #sacrifice. #frostbite. #theregoesmybonus.”

If lawyers would only say what they mean… I am very busy. I have money. I have influence. I piss excellence. I $#!t gold. I am the cat’s meow.

Anyway, I am so happy to be the one to bring this problem to your attention. I’m excited to hear if you have any other examples of legal humblebragging. (Special thanks to Elizabeth Morris for inspiring this entry by posting an article on Facebook on the subject. I am humbled and honored to know this great lawyer!)

What examples of humblebragging did I miss?

MORE IMPORTANTLY, is there a better way to self-promote or market oneself than the humblebrag?



Retirement Dinner For The Honorable Nancy Davis-Loomis

I was lucky enough to clerk for one of the most respected, influential and likeable  judges in the State of Maryland, The Honorable Nancy Davis-Loomis. She is the Administrative Judge for Anne Arundel County and the 5th Circuit for the State of Maryland. Her retirement dinner is tonight in Annapolis. From knowing her and her friends, it will most definitely be a blast! Her leadership, kindness and smile will be missed! Here is more information on the event: The Honorable Nancy Davis-Loomis Retirement Dinner.

Judge Davis-Loomis and Pat