As an Annapolis Criminal Defense attorney, I wanted to let everyone know that prosecutors in Maryland are allegedly taken another look at a criminal complaint filed against Bill Cosby back in 2005. Recent evidence might add weight to this complaint against Bill Cosby, leading to eventual charges filed against him. Cosby in a sworn deposition that was released last year admitted to having sexual relations with Cosby’s Maryland accuser but said the sexual relations was consensual. Back in 2005 Cosby was not charged at the time but recent allegations have put the spotlight back on him.
One of the biggest legal issues with prosecuting Cosby is that the statute of limitations has expired for many of his accusers. In looking at the recent accusations against Cosby, there looks to be no DNA evidence against him. When it comes down to “She said, He Said”, unfortunately the law does not favor the accuser. I hope that Mr. Cosby is vigorously prosecuted but I wouldn’t hold up hope that he will be convicted of any of these allegations. As an Annapolis Criminal Defense Attorney, it seems that the only conviction Bill Cosby will get is the conviction in the court of public opinion. Which for him, might be arguably worse than any real conviction. (It certainly isn’t worse for any of the women he allegedly raped, though.)