Getting out of a speeding ticket is one of the hardest offenses to beat nowadays in Maryland. An Annapolis Traffic Lawyer can help you get out of your traffic ticket. Here is a Speeding Handbook that could be helpful to you.
If you were clocked by a radar gun speeding (which is usually the case) then you can only attack the validity of that radar gun and the officer’s competency in operating that radar gun.
So on your day in court, you need to:
1. Make sure the police officer shows up, if the officer doesn’t show up, then ask the judge to dismiss the case.
2. If the officer is there, then ask the officer for two documents.

  1. The radar gun operator’s license
  2. Calibration certificate

3. If the officer has these two documents then you are probably out of luck. This document gives insight on what the Maryland Police officer is looking to do when issuing a traffic citation.
4. If the officer is missing one or both of these documents then you can cross examine the officer on these points.
The cross examination of the police officer is really where an Annapolis Traffic Lawyer is needed. Call 443-494-9775 for help in getting out of your speeding ticket.

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