If you or a loved one is arrested in Annapolis or is in the Jennifer Road Detention Center, the first thing that will likely be on your mind is securing their release from the Jennifer Road Detention Center in Annapolis.
1. Inform your loved one to talk to no one about their case without a lawyer present.
2. Call Scott MacMullan Law (443-494-9775) for immediate, nearby legal help. (We will come to the initial appearance hearing as soon as they are arrested and represent your loved one.)
3. Work with your attorney to secure bail or call Scott MacMullan Law (443)-494-9775 to represent your loved one at the initial appearance hearing in an attempt to have the arrested released. The commissioner’s, in setting bail consider, among other things, whether the arrested is:
1. a significant flight risk (Will they show up to their court date if released?) or
2. a danger to society (Will they harm society if released?)
A lawyer can help you greatly in securing the arrestees release or a low bond so they arrestee can post the amount and be released.
Call now for immediate help that could save you thousands of dollars in posting bail. Scott MacMullan Law can help you immediately when your loved one is arrested in Annapolis, Anne Arundel County, Maryland and is in or is going to The Jennifer Road Detention Center.